The Guesthouse

The manor house in Modlnica is situated about 8 km north-west of Kraków.

The house was first mentioned in histry in 1582. At that time it belonged to Mikolaj Salomon. In the years 1784-1787 Jozef Konopka replaced the original building with a new one. Then it was reconstructed in 19th century. The Konopka family's house was a meeting place for many artists and scientists. The atmosphere of those meetings has been maintained to this day.

The Centre offers its premises to anyone interested in organising conferences, symposia or commercial meetings. Meals according to the clients' wishes are also available.

The city centre has convenient access to streets leading out of Krakow in all directions: Karmelicka, Królewska, Bronowicka, Armii Krajowej and Jasnogórska leading towards Olkusz.

Reservations: Head of the Conference Centre.